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Pagerank Widget

Pagerank Widget

Get your own Pagerank widget on your website, so you always know how many links point to you and what you have Pagerank.

More precisely: a high link popularity of a website also increases the Pagerank ™ and a high Pagerank is a very important factor for a good or very good position in search engines. More needs to be said probably not ... So, just join!

How does the widget work and what exactly have I to do?

You simply tie our HTML code into your homepage (the HTML code you see below.) And even your page is automatically logged in our system. Now visitors who check your website will know the corresponding Pagerank ™ and the link popularity of your site, by using a small graphic (see picture below).

Important! In code below you have to enter at this place "" your own hompage name without adding http:// !!!!!!

The code must be copied exactly, we check your site regularly.

Your Widget from <a href="" target="blank"><img src="" alt="Widget from" style="border:0"/></a>
Bad Referrer! What happened?
If there the message "bad referrer" appears, does the index- or default-address not match with the name that to be entered at "www.your-homepage-adress", please adjust and then it works.

Our rules? When can I not login?
Participation in our free website promotion service is excluded if one page (homepage) to applicable law, children or minors has content, sex and porn links or offering this subject as its own content or pursues other offensive or malicious intent.

Our ranking code must be install at the frontpage or defaultpage of your website.

More information about our free service:
It will be listed only websites that have embedded our widget code visible and unchanged!

It is with our pages or the script that we use to determine the rankings, no data is sent to Google ™ or where requested!

Pagerank ™ and Google ™ are trademarks of Google Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA. The Pagerank is protected by U.S. Patent 6,285,999.


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